Favourite Things- May/June Edition

3 Jun

The last month or so has been a super busy blur for me. May is our busiest month at work, and unfortunately, not a lot of (noteworthy) cooking has been happening at home.

I have, however made a few (noteworthy!) discoveries in the world of music and consumerism. Enjoy!

One: Nuxe Dry Oil for Face Body and Hair

Holy Moly, a new (pricy) addiction has been formed!

A loved one brought some of this liquid gold home for me from Paris, and now I’m completely hooked. I used to love perusing the pharmacies in Paris when I was there, and would often see this on the shelves. It has a floral scent that at first I thought was rather strong (I don’t usually like scented things), but it quickly grew on me. This dry oil is derived from natural plant ingredients, is not at all greasy, and leaves my skin super soft with a nice glow.

When I see it on my bathroom shelf it makes me feel the tiniest bit closer to being that chic, classic French girl I always imagined I’d eventually morph into.

Le sigh.

Two: PeterThomas Roth Firm x Peeling Gel

Another beauty breakthrough. This stuff is a real game changer. I received a deluxe sample at Sephora recently and was astonished that this exfoliating gel actually rolled the dead skin right off of my face. As in….you can instantly see and feel it lifting off the dead skin as your massage the gel in.

Instant. Gratification.

It is unscented and very, very gentle. As soon as the sample was finished I splurged on the full sized version and could not be happier with it! A new skincare essential.

Three: Playoff Hockey

An admitted bandwagon jumper, watching the Habs in the playoffs proved to be very, very entertaining…and then heartbreaking.

Go Rangers!

Four: Yoga Jeans

I don’t know why I waited so long to jump on this bandwagon. Oh em gee these are the most comfortable and best fitting jeans I’ve discovered in a long, long while. I’ve been looking for a flattering pair of high waisted jeans for years, essentially, and I was thrilled when I finally found these!

I want to buy a pair in every colour. And bonus, they’re affordable too (think $130 versus $230 plus- suck it J Brands)


Five: ASOS.com

I’ve recently delved into the addictive and endless (dangerous) world of online shopping. My favourite is UK site http://www.asos.com that has great pictures, detailed sizing (including what sizes the models are wearing!) and best of all, free worldwide shipping. Another huge bonus is…wait for it, a Petites line (Hallelujah!).

I recently purchased this kimono-style top and could not be happier with it.


Six: Miss Angel Olsen-


It’s been so long since I’ve discovered an album that I’ve loved “cover to cover”, so to speak. This one is amazing. It is energetic, passionate and nuanced with great melodies.

We saw Angel Olsen perform at Lee’s Palace a few weeks ago and did not leave disappointed. A voice of a generation. Check it out!

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more recipes (when there’s finally time for groceries)


One Response to “Favourite Things- May/June Edition”

  1. Mum June 5, 2014 at 1:28 am #

    Love, love, LOVE your top!!! I want one too!!!! xxx

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