Oh, Bonjour Frog Legs! And other French-y things.

29 May

Welcome to France, the land of cheese, wine, charcuterie and chocolate. My oh my, with our daily croissants, coffee and baguettes, did we ever eat well. Good thing we walked so much, until my feet felt as if they would fall off. Perhaps this is part of the not-so-secret myth as to why French women never get fat. Four blisters and in, I would not change a thing.



Morning coffee ritual to stave off the jet lag.


To save on funds, before heading out for the day we picked up groceries for lunch to pack our own baguettes. Scott would get up early to score some fresh goods from the local pâtisserie. This was a great technique. We ended up making sandwiches in our tiny room with a cutting bored and knife bought from the dollar store. Although, the very first afternoon, before getting so organized, we stumbled upon a happening little courtyard that housed several cafes. Sitting on a smoky patio, we shared this charcuterie board with some wine to celebrate the beginning of our adventure. I like the unpretentious presentation, served on wood.

We explored a lot. I especially enjoyed the hilly, colourful charms of Montmartre.


Wish that was me. And that was my balcony. What a lucky b!


Scott, popping open some wine for our nightly boozefest at Sacré Coeur, with a glittering view of the city, giddy tourists and a stream of men trying to (unsuccessfully) sell us bottles of beer.

We stumbled upon a fabulous restaurant close by beforehand. La Taverne de Montmartre. It was a real find, especially for a touristy neighbourhood, with a rustic atmosphere, fresh food and warm service.

The next day we did some more sightseeing. Museums, walking, walking and museums. For dinner we decided to treat ourselves to an authentic French meal. On Yelp I did a little research and discovered Au Pied du Sacré Coeur. It possessed an unusually high rating of 4.5 stars and the prices seemed reasonable. Sold! It is located at 85 Rue Lamarck, in Montemartre, a spectacular Rue indeed, narrow with ornate and soaring buildings lining each side, and a view of the city from the top of the hill. The sunlight was incredible.


We traipsed up and down this beautiful rue a few times, sweaty and famished, unable to locate the restaurant. We decided to give up, me grumpily as I was pretty disappointed about the failed attempt.  Then. Like fate, as we turned onto a steep stairwell defeatedly, Scott spied the red awning of the restaurant. Humble, quaint, and totally empty.


We sat on the patio. Because the restaurant is by the stairs, it is tucked away from the main street. It was quiet and perfect and thankfully didn’t smell like pee.  To start, French onion soup (naturally…), a bottle of wine (naturally!) and a salad piled high with frog’s legs. Both were very tasty, and large enough to be a stand alone meal.  The frog  was cooked in garlic butter and funnily tasted like a perfect marriage of chicken and fish. Oh amphibians.


I ordered the chicken stuffed with foie gras and figs(foreground) and Scott had the magret de canard au miel et fleur d’oranger, or duck with honey and orange blossom. His duck was out of this world. So tender flavourful, and unique. I definitely had order-envy. For dessert we had a creme brulee, which was adequate.  A bit too eggy for me. Mid bite, Scott checked the time.We had hasty plans to meet friends up at Sacre Coeur within the next five minutes, and had completely lost track of our sweet ass, lovely time. Have you ever  rapidly shoveled back crème brûlée, chugged white wine and then ran up many flights of stairs before? It felt like a French version of some obscene competition eating show. The plans were botched, as no friends showed. C’est la vie. More wine and city gazing for us!

So, what other French-y experiences did we have you ask?

ImageWell, we didn’t have escargot, but we did eat another French delicacy.

Crepes with Nutella and banana. With red wine. In the gardens of Versailles. On paper plates. Very classy-like.


And hung out by the Eiffel Tower, like all the locals do.


And waited for it to sparkle.

Look at them all, still so excited about those lights!

Le sigh! Oh, Paris, what a town. Thank you for reading the new “mostly” part of Food, Mostly! I’ve been excited to share.

What are your favourite spots in Paris? Things to do? What to eat?

Stay tuned for my next post about cooking in Holland and visiting my old love (Christina) and new love, Amsterdam!


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